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KINDLEN advises clients on business and technology solutions that are reliable and are based on best practice. Making businesses more productive and an increase in profits. Users are no longer frustrated by technology and no more time wasted by faulty computers, understanding how to use their computers, smartphone and tablets. Computer advice given enables clients to take steps to put in place secure systems and reliable business processes.

Confidence & Security

KINDLEN provides security. This is due to our dedication to detail, and holistic approach, we have when developing solutions for our clients. This in stills trust and brings peace of mind to our clients. As they know that we have a full picture of their current set up, and no the direction they wish to go in.

KINDLEN applies holistic approach to frame solutions for our clients to better their business and their own lives. We see a business as the interaction of different systems, with people. Technology provides the means for these different systems to reference each other and communicate effectively. This enables our clients to manage themselves or their business more efficiently which translates into greater profitability.

The holistic approach means that KINDLEN connects the back office with the front office, website feeds directly into the CRM, to improve the communication flow. Nothing is lost, management can react to live data, data can be mined to understand the business. There is no demarcation

World Wide Experience

The philosophy and method of the service provided by KINDLEN is based on Simon Kindlen’s experience of working with technology in Scotland and in Asia, Japan & Singapore, as information technology consultant and manager for the last 24 years.

Core services provided by KINDLEN are:

  • Maximise investment in technology with KINDLEN’s Information Technology Consultancy service
  • Professional presence on the internet for your business with our Website design and development services
  • Fix computer issues at work, and in the home, with maintenance and repair services for computers and technology
  • Making the most of your internet presence with Internet strategy developed by KINDLEN
  • Expanding your market with international trade. Apply our experience of working in Japan to your business. Business advice on doing business globally
  • Improve margins, and profits by having a professional advantage. Business services to take your business to the next level, and beyond

How to contact KINDLEN today:

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KINDLEN aims to enhance your business so it will thrive to success.

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