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About Computer & Business Service Provider

KINDLEN Limited is a provider of technology and business solutions that enhances our clients businesses and lives.

Simon Kindlen the founder of KINDLEN Limited has seen businesses and people thrive to success for 24 years because of his technology and business advice.

Over those 24 years clients range from global multinationals to community social enterprises. The same level of service provided to companies is also given to individuals in their home.

As a solutions company, KINDLEN views technology as the solution to enhancing your business. This means we learn about your business and then map your strategic business goals to the technology.

Enhances your business with the advantage to succeed.

Services provided by KINDLEN:

  • Website Development
  • Computer Support and Maintenance
  • Cloud Solutions & Migration
  • Technology Audit
  • Training
  • IT and Business advice
  • Project Management


Running a successful organisation is about understanding people, about understanding systems and how they interact.

Systems, not as in computer systems but systems as in how the organisation functions. People as, in clients, employees, suppliers, and you.

Whatever the size of your organisation, regardless if it is a start-up or a mature company, technology needs to be implemented in a way that enables you to run the organisation efficiently and sustainably whilst making your life less stressful. Technology should take away stress; not add to it.

Your organisation has both present and future technology needs should compliment your business goals:

  • Auditing the current technology –is it fit for purpose?
  • Does the current technology infrastructure enable efficient operation?
  • What are the gaps between business goals and technology?
  • What systems or technologies are required for the now and future?

Mapping the goals of the business to technology:

  • Highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation in relation to technology.
  • Identify goals that need technology to be achieved.
  • Not all goals need technology but most may need some sort of technology support.

Once the gaps between business goals and technology have been identified and solutions been put in place, your organisation will be able to:

  • Implement business development quicker
  • Manage new business acquisition more efficiently
  • Provide better service internally and externally
  • Retain customers and employees
  • Create new opportunities and open new markets
  • Take on new clients
  • Deliver enhanced outcomes

The process needs to be ongoing, you need to keep asking:

  • What are the goals?
  • How is the business performing?
  • Does the organisation have the correct technology?
  • How can technology help achieve the goals of the business?

Technology will enable your business to be controlled and efficient. A business that is in control and efficient secures its income and profitability for now and the future. The business is then sustainable.


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KINDLEN aims to enhance your business so it will thrive to success.

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