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Advice on Clouding Computing

cloud computing solutions can  make your business more efficient with time and money

Expert advice on cloud computing solution enabling you to achieve your goals.

KINDLEN will explain what cloud solutions are the best solutions for your business. Advice includes highlighting the issues with cloud solutions compared to traditional technology solutions and how to mitigate those issues.

Strategic Needs of the Business

When it comes to advising business clients on the cloud our holistic philosophy is applied. The process of advising starts by listening. That is understanding the client as a whole; business systems & processes, people, and the needs of the organisation. Where the organisation is now and where the organisation wants to be in the future. A road map is defined that maps the journey of the now to the future. Best practices for the particular industry of the business are investigated and documented.

Spending time at the beginning, saves clients time and money as the correct requirements are defined and understood by all involved. This discovery process defines the actual needs of the business rather than perceived needs. The needs being to achieve the business goals of the business, and a business that can sustain itself.

Best Practice Aligned with Cloud Solution

Rather than reinvent the wheel when it comes the best way to run a business it is recommend to implement best practice. KINDLEN will document the best practise for the clients business. Then ask the question: Is the business using current best practise? Does the current practise of the business need to be adapted to be more aligned to best practise. Technology and best practise need to be aligned, as technology should facilitate best practice.

Take Time to Understand Your Business

It is important to spend time at the beginning otherwise a business may end up with a solution that can cripple a business rather than make it stronger.

Then with these findings we asses with KINDLEN’s knowledge and experience the possible options available to the client to implement best practices for the business and deliver the goals defined by the road map. The outcome of this process may define possible cloud solutions, or maybe a none technology solution. What the client gets is a solution that is fit for purpose and ready them for the future.

This process gives the client confidence knowing KINDLEN recommends a cloud based solution it is based on the needs of their business.

Long Term Relationship

It is very important that clients understand that KINDLEN is focused on making our clients organisation efficient and sustainable rather than encourage a client to buy expensive technology. As we prefer to build up a long term customer relationship rather than short term profits. A business relationship that is advantageous for all.

What is cloud computing?

A popular analogy for cloud computing is to think of how electricity was generated and distributed in the early 20th century. At first very rich people would have their own power generators, then companies were started to supply electricity to local areas of towns and cities where each supplier had different standards. Then power generation was centralised and distributed of a national grid. Savings were made as electricity was mass produced and delivered on a network of power lines, known as the national grid, to a national standard. Electricity supplied by a remote provider.

Cloud computing is computer services supplied by a remote provided.

The cloud computing supplier provides computing services remotely from a central source over the internet instead of locally. Simplest form of cloud computing is putting data on a third party server via the internet, rather than on individual computers or on a private server.
The advantages to a user, business or household, is the ability to access computing resources that until recently were not available because of the cost in investing hardware, software, maintenance. Management of the systems is transparent to the user, along with backup of data and software updates. As it is a service extra capacity can be increased by purchasing extra capacity. You pay for what you use.

Possibilities of Cloud Computing

KINDLEN has enabled businesses to take advantage of the cloud. Such as email messaging provided by a cloud solution provider. Accessing email from multiple devices through web browser or a mobile device app. No need worry if your computer has fetched the latest email. Start drafting a email on the office PC, and finish the draft on a smartphone and send it from the taxi to the office party.
Share a address book across an organisation where not only contact details can be stored but record the relationship the contact has with the organisation and other contacts and organisations. Give access to all or restrict access to groups or individuals. Record opportunities linked to a contact and assign to colleague.

As applications can communicate with each other, from other providers, on the cloud it is a lot simpler to have your email update the customer management application (CRM) with contact details or link a document to project management application. No longer share documents by attaching to an email but sharing a link to the document. Allowing collaborators to either edit, comment or view a document. Collaborators are always looking at the latest spreadsheet. Notice an embarrassing typo on the way home from the office, update there and then and no one is the wiser.

Cloud Computing Services Provided by KINDLEN

KINDLEN can set up from scratch cloud solutions or migrate a business to a cloud solution. Enabling existing business migrate to a cloud service, or set up a new business, a start-up, with the necessary cloud computing services to get their business of the ground.

  • Migrate email systems over to a cloud solution. Seamlessly transferring email inbox, folders and address book across to the a cloud solution.
  • Contact database transferred across a customer relationship manager (CRM)
  • Microsoft Word and Excel documents ported to Google Apps for Business
  • Advice on cloud computing Apps for business
  • Software developed
  • Software Integrating
  • Moving from desktop based email and calendar solutions to a cloud solution
  • Training on Cloud applications

Get on the cloud today with our experience of cloud computing.

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