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Computer Support

Computer Support and Network Maintenance Services

Computer support spend more time getting it done  and end the stress of faulty computers

Computer Support service of hardware issues fixed. As well repairing computing hardware problems KINDLEN also deals with software issues. Get in touch with us with any technology issues you are having and we will provide a solution. All you have to do is phone or email us and we will come to you. No effort on your part to get your computer problem sorted.

KINDLEN maintains and repairs computers; Mac, laptops, desktop, PC’s, smartTV’s (that are not so smart), mobile devices; tablets and smartphones, accessories; printers and network drives, broadband modems and routers. All technology considered and repaired.

KINDLEN operate a collection and delivery service free of charge. Saving you time and money in travel. Some issues can be fixed remotely so you can be up and running again within minutes.

Fixing simple software issues to computers that appear to be dead and do not start. We look at all systems and provide a quote for repair.

Our clients benefit from reliable computer systems and fast computer networks. Frustration free computing for businesses and households.

Service that is reliable and prompt

KINDLEN limited is located in Alva, Clackmannanshire. Alva is at the foot of the Ochil hills with A91 running along side the Hillfoots. Equal distances from the M8, Glasgow to Edinburgh motorway and M9, Edinburgh to Stirling motorway. Nearest large town is Alloa and the city of Stirling is 10 minutes away.

We provide a local personal service with national and international clients.

Peace of mind and security for our customers when it comes to computer support and repair. Businesses, non-profit organisations, and home computer owners know that their computer systems are maintained and managed by a computer professional with over 24 years of experience. Gives them confidence in the reliability of their computer and technology setup.

KINDLEN can tailor its computer repair and support service depending on your needs, from business with networked computers, charities keeping within a tight budget, to households with a home PC or tablet setup.

We Provide the complete service from advising on which technology is suitable to your needs, setting up and maintaining the hardware and software, and the event of an issue repairing the hardware and fixing software problems.

Remote monitoring of computer systems. issues are fixed before they disrupt work. Keep you in business.

Contact today by phoning 01259 606 101 or email

Computer Repair and Support Services

  • Computer performance improved with our MOT & Tune up service
  • Migrate data and applications from old computer new replacement
  • Improve PC and Apple performance with memory upgrade
  • More hard disk space with replacing hard disk or adding a secondary hard disk
  • Better internet access speeds with broadband issues fixed
  • Slow computers fixed with computer hardware repair
  • Windows slow on startup fixed
  • Mac’s that will not start, starting again
  • Extend the life of a PC upgrades the hardware
  • Bank details and passwords protected with virus removal
  • Family photographs recovered with data recovery
  • Important files and data secured with data backup
  • Run the latest software faster with a New PC Setup
  • Save money by having the hardware repaired
  • Latest features for your computer system with software installation and updating
  • PC and Apple Laptop screen repair
  • PC and laptop power issues
  • Information technology audit of computer hardware and software
  • Custom built computer

We can also provide computer training which can mitigate issues you may be having with your computer.

Get the computer fixed call KINDLEN today 01259 75 79 75

Computer Network Engineering Services

As well as as our computer support engineering services we provide network engineering services. Maintaining computer networks for reliable communication between internal PC’s, network devices, servers, and external websites and systems. Monitoring and adjusting local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) for top performance and capacity.

Network administration service. Managing installation, maintaining and supporting computer communication networks and computer servers within your organisation or between other organisations.

Setup of legally compliant wireless and Wi-Fi hotspots. Note: Business that provide internet access, usually provided by Wi-Fi, for their staff, guests are liable for any laws that are broken by those users. Especially infringement of copyright. It is important that all access is audited and all data traffic can traced be traced back to a user. We can install and maintain network systems that protect you business from falling foul of the law.

Network Engineer Services

  • Installation of ethernet wiring
  • Robust and fit for purpose local and wide area networks
  • Maintaining secure network
  • Reliable application and data sharing with correctly configured server hardware and software infrastructure
  • Administration of email, anti-spam and virus protection
  • Email server solutions
  • Prevent network failures: implementing routine maintenance
  • Correct access to data by setting up user accounts, permissions and passwords
  • Keeping costs down by efficient deployment of servers
  • Network and server audit
  • Migrate servers to cloud solution
  • Framing IT solutions to business and management issues
  • No slow down of network traffic with Capacity planning and network usage monitoring
  • Compliant computer network equipment to industry standards and regulations
  • Trouble free networks: analysing and resolving network systems issue faults
  • Stop network hackers: securing networks internally and externally.
    Monitor web traffic by clients employees
  • Improved internal communications: setting up, and managing internal web servers for company intranet
  • Stop illegal activity: configure, manage and monitor firewall and network traffic filters
  • Protect organisations against litigation with enterprise Wi-Fi solutions.

Need immediate help with your computer, or network issue call us now on 01259 606 101 or want to discuss our Computer and Network support strategy email or call 01259 606 101

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