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Website Development

Website Development

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KINDLEN Website development services enabling you to attract new business and retain existing clients. The websites that we develop are attractive, simple to use and maintain.

We achieve success by aligning a business’s strategic goals with the pages on the website. Remember you want people to land on a particular page on your site that matches the requirements of the prospective customer not on the front page.

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Let your business thrive with a website that is focused on the strategic goals of the business.
We work with clients as if we are a business partner in developing your business through internet strategy. As with our overall company ethos we take a holistic approach to the whole process of web and internet development. Mapping your business marketing and sales strategy to the development plan for your web presence.

If you do not have a marketing and sales strategy KINDLEN can help you define your business goals and developing those business goals into marketing and sales strategy.

As KINDLEN is not a graphics design company we build website that are business focused rather than over elaborate graphical sites that may look ‘cool’ but are not optimised for SEO. There is no point in having a shining jewel of a site that no one can find or use. Websites that are heavy on graphics can be slow to load, Google does not like slow sites, and do not display properly or may not even run on mobile devices. More and more web traffic is generated through mobile use and your site needs to be able to be viewed on a tablet or smartphone. Our sites go one better and are responsive in design.

Want a website that can be viewed on tablets and smartphones email as on or call 01259 606 101.

Website Development optimised for tablet and Smartphone

What this means is that a website developed by KINDLEN will detect if the website is being viewed on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone and change the layout and navigation accordingly. Removing the frustration of navigating a website optimised for a desktop on a phone. Do not lose business because of your site. Choose KINDLEN for a website that is ready for new technology now and the future.

You can choose to have us maintain the website or be trained to do it yourself.

A website that is fresh and being updated regularly with new content will result in higher page rankings. Higher a website page is ranked the better the chances of the page being on the front page of Google, or other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. How do you keep your website fresh and up to date and run your business? KINDLEN can write the text for the website and choose the images and graphics for the web page. You focus on the business and KINDLEN focuses on your website. This service ties in with the keyword research we do for our clients businesses. Researching the search terms used for products and services related to a clients business.
We can fine tune the internet strategy local, national or global page rankings. Defining and researching the search terms, known as keywords, that potential customers type into their browser when searching for services and products related to your business. Part of the complete service we offer our clients.

Business growth, and bigger profits, due to the website delivering on the strategic goals of the business. A website that is aligned to the goals of the business generates new business. New leads, increase in business, increase in cash flow, and bigger profits for your business.

If you are just starting of in business wishing to claim your domain and need a one page website, or an organisation that sells online with a ecommerce website, KINDLEN has the web and internet solution for your business.

Web Development and Internet Services

  • Enhance your brand with attractively designed website
  • Sell your services and products online
  • Website hosting
  • Call to action, clear sales message, developed by our dIgital marketing services
  • Interesting and relevant content developed to attracting new visitors, and repeat visits
  • Intuitive to navigate website. Customers can find products and services easily
  • Accessible by all website designed websites
  • Website visitors stay on the site for longer due to search engine optimisation
  • Sell online with our e-commerce
  • Intuitive to use website
  • Website maintenance
  • Secure your website from hackers with our backup service
  • Clean looking designed graphics
  • 24 by 7 security monitoring of website stopping hackers from taking control of your site
  • Beautiful mobile-responsive designs
  • Built in SEO tools for those that want to write their own content
  • Domain registration
  • Advice on choosing a domain for your business
  • Control of content with training for staff on managing website content
  • Secure email and document with Google Apps for Business integration with domain
  • Websites load fast with blazing web server performance
  • Search engine optimisation

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KINDLEN aims to enhance your business so it will thrive to success.

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